Corporate Sponsor Application~How To Apply

Avoid delays! Fill in all Required Information on the Application.
Avoid delays! Print Clearly.
Avoid delays! We cannot process your paperwork unless we receive your payment and your application.
Avoid delays! Fill in all Required information

*Print your name:____________________________________________________________

*Print your title:______________________________________________________________

Print your company name: ____________________________________________________  
*Phone: (______) __________________x_____      Mobile: (______) ___________________

*E-Mail Address: ______________________________________________________________  

*Print your mailing address:

*City_________________________*State: _____________ *Zip ____________ 

*What do you sell or what service does your company provide?


*Circle the Corporate Sponsorship you are requesting:
Premier $18,000
Gold $15,500
Silver $12,000
Bronze $5,000

How did you learn about us?___________________________________

If internet, which site?_________________________________________

Credit Card #___________________________________________________________
*Exp Date_________ *Security Code_______*Zip Code Associated with your card__________

*Amount Enclosed $________________________

*Signature _______________________________________________________________
Print the Corporate Sponsor Application from this this page and fill out by hand.
If you cannot print the application then use a blank 81/2"x11" paper to write out all required information and sign at the bottom.
1. Mail a check or money order made payable and mailed to AlansFair, Inc. PO Box 431 Point Lookout, NY 11569.

2. Email
Send your signed Corporate Sponsor Application along with your card #, expiration date and security code #.
Add 4% for card processing fee.

3. Fax 516-543-5171.
Send your signed Corporate Sponsor Application along with your card #,expiration date and security code #.
Add 4% for credit/debit card orders.

When we receive your Corporater Sponsor Application and payment we will send you a confirming email.

If you do not receive a confirming email please send an email to or call 516-442-6000.