Merrick Fall Festival & Street Fair Est. 2000

This event is not produced by us.
All decisions regarding cancellation because of inclement weather are made by the Merrick Chamber of Commerce.
We do not offer refunds or credits.
Prepayment is required to guarantee space at any event.
Please go to VENDOR APPLICATION~HOW TO RENT SPACE to prepay for space.
We do not offer credits or refunds.
Vendors who attempt to rent space on the day of an event will be accepted unless we are sold out of space or sold out of their category.

Craft, Gift, Prepackaged Food, Public Officers, Worthwhile Charities
$150 total rent for each two-day Fair if paid in advance
$160 if paid upon arrival Saturday (If space is available)
One-Day Rentals
Service Vendors
$360 total rent for the 2-day Fair.
Service Vendors One-Day Rental
Food Vendors 
$350 total for the 2-day Fair
Food Vendors One-Day Rental
Produced in association with the Merrick Chamber of Commerce.
Attendance~With reasonably good weather 300-400 vendors and 25,000-30,000 shoppers for the two day Event.
Vendors set up either in the Street or in the Parking Lot.
Vendor spaces in the Parking Lot are 10'10' with a 3' aisle between each space in most cases.
Vendors may leave their set up overnight.
In order to be guaranteed the same location the following day, vendors must leave something in their space overnight so that management knows it is reserved.
In order to get the same space you had on Saturday for Sunday, please leave something in your space and arrive by fifteen minutes before the advertised opening time of the event.
If you have paid for only Saturday you may get the same space for Sunday simply by following the steps listed above.
Management will come by on Sunday to collect your rent for the day.
Vendor parking is steps away.
Please do not park anywhere in the Vendors Parking Lot.
Vendors set up on blacktop.
Vendor set up in the parking lot begins Saturday at 7am and Sunday at 7:30am
All vendor spaces allow vendors to unload at or very near their space.
Space locations are assigned on a first-come basis under the direction of Show Management.
Do not set up on your own.
Vendor spaces on the Street are 10'x10' with no space between each vendor.
Merrick Avenue is closed to vehicular traffic on Saturday and Sunday from 8am-6pm.
Vendors who set up on Merrick Avenue may arrive as early as 7am and under the direction of show management park in a legal space and unload their items onto the sidewalk.
We can accommodate just a handful of vendors on Merrick Avenue because we have been given very few spaces on Merrick Avenue by the Merrick Chamber of Commerce.
Additionally, all food trucks must be on the Avenue because they are prohibited from setting up in the parking lot.
So, any vendors wishing to set up on Merrick Avenue unfortunately must hurry up and wait on Saturday and Sunday morning~ meaning that they must arrive at 7am at the corner of Merrick Avenue and Smith Street to learn where their space is.
It could be as late as 8am before we know if any additional spaces are available on Merrick Avenue, and at that time if any spaces are available they will be assigned on a first come basis in the order they arrived earlier that morning.
Vendors who are denied space on Merrick Avenue will be directed by Show Management to the Parking lot to set up with the vast majority of all the other vendors.
Under the direction of show management, between 7am and 8am vendors may park in a legal space next to or near their space on Merrick Avenue and unload their set ups onto the sidewalk.
Under the direction of show management between 8am and 9am Management will assign specific space locations to vendors on Merrick Avenue.
On Saturday and Sunday evening vendors set up on Merrick Avenue must begin to break down their display starting at approximately 5:30 pm.
Management will determine which vendors may set up on Merrick Avenue.
There is a limit of approximately 30 vendor spaces allowed to be set up on Merrick Avenue, including all hot and cold food vendors.
Vendors who are set up on Merrick Avenue must set up Saturday morning and must remove all items Saturday evening.
Management will do its best to give each vendor the exact same space each day.
However, it is the responsibility of each vendor to fully comply with the following requirements:
On Saturday and Sunday morning no vendor vehicle will be permitted to enter or remain on Merrick Avenue past 9am.
On Saturday and Sunday evening no vendor vehicle will be permitted to enter Merrick Avenue before 6:30pm at the earliest.
For public safety no vendor vehicle will be permitted to enter or leave Merrick Avenue at any time without approval from Show Management.
By order of the Merrick Police by 6pm on Saturday and Sunday all vendor set ups must be removed completely from Merrick Avenue.
The set ups may be moved onto the sidewalk for vendor convenience.
We have approximately 30 vendors spaces on the Avenue and approximately 200 spaces in the parking lot.
The Merrick Fall Festival is one of the largest and most popular Street Fairs on Long Island.