Vendor Application~How To Apply

The only way to guarantee having a space for any of our events is to prepay.
Use a single Vendor Application for as many dates and events as you like.
Use a single check or a single card payment for as many dates and events as you like.
Attach an extra page if necessary.
Avoid delays! Fill in all Required Information on the Vendor Application.
Avoid delays! Print Clearly.
Avoid delays! We cannot reserve space unless we receive your payment and your application.
Avoid delays! Fill in all Required information

*Print your name:_______________________________________________________

Print your company name: ____________________________________________________  

*Phone: (______) ___________________ Mobile: (______) _____________

*E-Mail Address: ___________________________________________  

*Print your mailing address:

*City_________________________*State: _____________ *Zip ____________  

*New York Sales Tax # ________________________  Not required for Service Vendors.

Go to REQUIREMENTS FOR ALL VENDORS on this website for Sales Tax details

*List the exact dates and events you are paying for:


*What do you sell or what service do you provide?


How did you learn about us?___________________________________

If internet, which site?_________________________________________

Credit Card #___________________________________________________________
*Exp Date_________ *Security Code_____*Zip Code Associated with your card__________

*Amount Enclosed $________________________
I understand and accept that I may be immediately required to remove any items not listed on my Vendor Application and to leave the show without further notice or recourse, and without a refund of any money paid by me if I fail to comply with any or all of the Vendor Requirements as listed elsewhere on this website.
I agree to hold harmless at all times for for any and all reasons the following individuals, groups, organizations for any and all harm and damage to myself, my personal and business items
AlansFair, Inc., Nassau County Craft Shows, Long Island Street Fairs, Alan Finchley, all partnering Chambers of Commerce and Not-For-Profit individuals, groups, and organizations, Nassau County, New York State, Nassau County and New York City Departments of Parks & Recreation.

*Vendor Signature ___________________________________________________
Print the Vendor Application from this website and fill out by hand.
If you cannot print the application then use a blank 81/2"x11" paper to write out all required information and sign at the bottom.

1. Mail a single check or money order for as many Fairs as you like made payable and mailed to AlansFair, Inc. PO Box 431 Point Lookout, NY 11569.

2. Email
Send your signed Vendor Application along with your card #, expiration date and security code #.
Add 4% for card processing fee.

3. Fax 516-543-5171.
Send your signed Vendor Application along with your debit/credit card# and expiration date.
Do not include the security code on the back of the card.
Add 4% for card processing fee.

3. Pay on the day of any event IF space is available.

A fully filled out and signed Vendor Application must accompany your payment and you must have your original NYS Sales Tax Certificate in your possession and on display during the Fair.

We rent space for each event until the event is sold out.

We recommend that vendors pay as far in advance as possible to avoid being shut out.

When we process your Vendor Application and payment we will send you a confirming email.

If you do not receive a confirming email please do not call us~send an email to